The best and Worst Types of Blackjack Games

Blackjack boardLooking around for one of the better blackjack games on the internet can become very time consuming very quickly, with so many versions of the game online and ready to be used to your disposal it can seem like an overworking task. If you’re dead set on playing blackjack to its fullest extend than this is should be a serious part of your game and plan.

If you’re a serious player than it is expected that you fully grasp the basic strategy of blackjack, if you’re choosing to play a blackjack game with a low house edge than you are basically throwing your money away because it is not even close to be worth your time, money or effort.

It’s a given that there are many versions of blackjack and that every game has there own set of rules. You should be looking for the number of decks the game has in the shoe including the favorite house edge available for the players who will be playing that certain game.

One of the best versions of blackjack available to the online gambling community is the single deck blackjack game. Always be on the look out for these games and be sure to get a 3-2 every single time you play. This’ll be by far the best option for you as a player.

Best Blackjack Games

One of the better blackjack games available on the market is the original, the best, the classic blackjack. This is all thanks to the amazing house edge and payouts that a classic blackjack game offers to the player.

There is one other game you should always be on the look out for. It’s called a blackjack switch which allows you to switch your cards in between hands which makes the game very attractive to the loyal blackjack player with lots of experience under there belt.

Worst Blackjack Games

If you are playing a game that offers you cash money for any blackjack hand you get than these are the games that should be avoided. These particular games will have an extremely high house edge and this’ll cause your bankroll to pummel to absolutely nothing, leaving you an angry player and without any money left to gamble with.

If you come across an eight deck blackjack game and you begin to play it than you should take a step back and re-think the choice of blackjack you are playing. Often times a casino will offer any number of different eight deck games, this isn’t to make the player happy. It’s to get the most money they can out of the player who is playing there game.

There are many versions of blackjack available online and this can of course make it confusing for you. Find out what additional benefits are available to you from that casino, if the casino is shady than join the casinos club before you sit down to play the game.

Every casino wants you to become there player so be sure to check out the bonuses available for that casino that seems a little off. See if it gives you an extended amount of time and a generous bonus for you the player. Don’t forget to check out the terms and conditions because you never know what is in the fine print.