Splitting Hands in Blackjack

Blackjack board
Blackjack games can get confusing at times as every online casino offers many versions of blackjack and the rules can be different. These rules will often dictate when your able to slit or re-split. This is a very significant part of playing the game of BlackJack and should not be over looked.

If you’ve be dealt with the first two cards you are faced with a difficult decision as the dealer begins to give all the other players their cards. If the cards you have received are a pair than theirs a good chance you will not be able to split the hand.

A pair in blackjack is when you have gotten any two cards that have the same value. Some of these cards would be two kings, two fives, two eights, two sixes and obviously more. Some blackjack games will let you split the cards that are the exact same but do not hold the same value as each other such as a ten, queen, jack or a king. After you have decided to split the cards it is expected that you make another wager that is worth the same amount as your original bet back in the beginning of the game.

When you have placed you’re original bet again the deal will hand you a new card to each card that you split, if you were to receive another pair that could be split than you should split again and remake the bet for it’s the best option you can possibly do. Do not forget that this all has to do with the certain blackjack game you are playing but this is the most common.

When everything has been all said and done you can continue to play the game at the same vicious level that you were playing before with single hands. In blackjack one of the bigger differences in the rules is that the ace can be split but only once and after you have split the card you’ll only be dealt one single card. The ace is valued at a ten and shall not be considered a blackjack moment but a 21 moment instead.

Most blackjack games will allow you to split a hand only three times but some games will let you split four times and possibly even more. As we have said before this all depends on the blackjack game you are playing so always make sure you read the rules to know the exact type of blackjack game you are playing. The rules of the game can be easily seen on a sign placed next to the dealer.

A more common mistake that new players to blackjack will make is they will split a pair with a ten or a card that is valued at ten. We highly suggest you don’t do this for you never know what the dealer might be hiding up his sleeve and he could pull out a very nasty trick, this is not a wise wager to make in any situation.