Six Online Betting Sites Blocked By Belgium, 5 More Blocked By Bulgaria

The Belgian Gaming Commission, an online gambling regulator for the country announced that they have blocked six online betting sites making the total amount of black listed websites in Belgium to 86. Elsewhere in Europe the Bulgarian State Commission announced that they have blocked five online betting sites.

This is a result to various European countries trying to regulate online gambling. No longer are countries such as Belgium and Bulgaria allowing for illegal online gambling activity to occur in their countries. Multiple online betting websites have been blacklisted throughout Europe for money laundering, delay of payments and so much more.
The currently newest blocked gambling websites include:,,, AllSports365 (Taking players back to and

New Blacklisted online gambling websites in Bulgaria include:,,, and Each one of the owners for these online casinos have been given a 24 hour notice to cease all of their operations and services for Bulgarian online punters.

We will continue to keep you updated on the future of regulated and legal online gambling within Europe. Various online gambling groups are working hard at this very moment in order to ensure that safe online gambling is occurring throughout Europe.

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