Review of the RealTime Gaming software

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RealTime Gaming are one of the better known suppliers of online gaming software and online casino games. The inception of RealTime Gaming started in 1998 with the release of its first software platform and a handful of games. Those games first released were versions of the classic slots that were found in land based casinos and included a selection of slots, video poker and car games.

As the years went on and RealTime Gaming began to grow its online casino software business they released new games and eventually managed a portfolio of around 70 games. They somewhat stalled during the mid 2000’s and few advances or changes were seen. They suffered due to licencee’s who operated in dishonest ways and RealTime Gaming failed to take swift action to curtail that behavior or remove those licencee’s rights to operate under the RTG platform. The damage this caused is still affecting RTG with many players leery of depositing under new RTG casinos or ones who failed to develop a strong reputation built on solid business practices.

In recent years RealTime Gaming has undertaken steps to remove those who operated dishonestly and have managed to turn their operation and reputation around. They have worked hard to develop new games and this has resulted in roughly 70 new games coming to market under the Real Series of slots. In addition RealTime Gaming has opened a new software company called NuWorks. The inaugural release of their software came in 2012 and included updated games, increase game features and multiple progressive jackpots for many of the slots they offer. The difference has helped see RTG become one of the more popular software companies once again.

It would be beneficial for RealTime Gaming to begin having all RTG facing casinos run under one network, such as Microgaming, Playtech and others do. This gives player a even playing ground so to speak and a more controlled payout structure as it is controlled by the network and not the individual licencee. At this time each licencee is in control of payout percentages for their casino and this is not favorable for long term success under the current climate within online gambling.

RealTime Gaming is however members on the Interactive Gaming Council. They also have membership with the iGGBA. The purpose of these agencies is to develop fair guidelines for the online gaming industry. RTG however are one of the few online gambling software companies that have refused to enact laws that prevent their licencee’s from allowing American players to gamble. While RTG is protected individual licencee’s are not and those who accept American players are at risk of prosecution from the U.S. This is somewhat uncommon in the online world as generally software companies have a control over how licencee’s act and whether they adhere to international gaming laws.

While the above may seem somewhat negative it should not discredit RealTime Gaming as a solid software provider who creates quality games. They continue to maintain a large presence within online gaming and will remain so in the years ahead.  It is expected to see RealTime Gaming will focus on its newest venture NuWorks and work towards building its game selection and the licencee’s who operate using its software.