Progressive Blackjack

progressive blackjack
One of the best past times for a blackjack player is a progressive jackpot blackjack game. Most people are used to progressive style casino games only being with slots and not so much with card games. Actually a large majority of online gamblers aren’t even aware that you can play a progressive blackjack game.

There are players who prefer to take the chance on a bigger win than a smaller win and they will quickly figure out about these sorts of games. These are the high roller players who are willing to take their chance on the big win potentials that a progressive blackjack game has to offer. When you’re playing a progressive blackjack game players will need to have a side bet because the payoff you can get off the side bets will at least keep you’re bankroll at a good number if you happen to not win the big jackpot.

A Progressive Blackjack game works the exact same as any other blackjack game online, there is a slight difference between the games being that you must place side bets in order to be able to have a chance and win the progressive jackpot. There is eight decks of card in play with a progressive jackpot game and the side bets will be a minimum of $1 which goes right into the jackpot you are trying to win. You can play the progressive jackpot blackjack games without having to place a side bet but the risk in doing so is far too high and you might miss the chance on winning that big jackpot. The way you win a blackjack progressive game is when you are dealt 4 aces, these aces must be in all red or all black. There are also different types of payouts you can get with the combination of 4 aces.

Each progressive jackpot game you play will be different depending on what software the casino is running under but in more than most cases that is how a progressive jackpot blackjack game is won. Some casinos do it differently though with the payouts being different with each casino, one of these different might be that when you get the combination of four aces you will be offered a 10% payout ratio of the jackpot. This is why as a player you should read the rules on any game you are playing so that you can inform yourself of any irregularities in the game compared to other you’ve played at before.

Microgaming which is know for being one of the very best software providers today offers a blackjack game called Triple 7’s. In this game the jackpot in won by a player being dealt three 7’s in diamonds, this version of a progressive jackpot blackjack game might seem easier but it is not. All progressive blackjack games are extremely hard to hit but when you do hit it the prize money is more than worth it and all the time you invested into the game.

Every blackjack game is fun to play but what is appealing about a progressive jackpot blackjack game is that for only a few $1 sides bets the amount of money up for grabs increases greatly. The excitements you feel when you win cannot be beat by any other game and it gets you’re heart racing with the thrill of it all. Anyone who has won a progressive online jackpot game instantly becomes addicted to it and is for sure going to go back and play some more.

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