Online betting services to be offered in US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands announced that they are ready to offer regulated and legal online betting services to operates and punters alike, this information came from the Attorney General for the US Virgin Islands Vincent Frazer.
Mr. Frazer took the time to speak to the press earlier on this week saying, “The US Virgin Islands are now ready to offer legal and regulated online gambling to punters. The laws have already been put in place which would allow for such an industry to exist within our territory. These new services were about to offer will follow along the lines of Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey. We only hope we can prosper such as they have.”

The Governor for the US Virgin Islands John De Jongh Jr. also voiced his support for the new regulated online gambling industry saying, “This is a massive turning point for the US Virgin Islands and the diversification we’ll have upon the world. Our land based casinos are a marvel that thousands of people come to visit a year, are horse racing tracks are beloved by many and it is now our mission to make online gambling beloved by our citizens. We hope to bring some of the largest online global internet companies to the US Virgin Islands so that we can provide an experience that is unlike anywhere else in the world.”

Such as always,s we will continue to keep you informed on the future of the gaming in the US Virgin Islands.

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