How to start playing Blackjack Online

blackjack handBlackjack is the most popular card game playing online besides Texas Hold’em poker. You will find it difficult to even locate an online casino today that doesn’t offer at least one version of blackjack and many offer two or more versions. The reason for this is simple – player demand!

The game of Blackjack has been played since the 17th century and now that online casinos offer blackjack the games popularity is increasing at a rapid pace. The internet has allowed people who may not have been exposed to blackjack in the past, or have had little exposure to suddenly be able to pursue this game for all the excitement it brings to the table. This is a great thing for both the player and for the casinos as it increases player traffic and for players, it can increase their bankrolls.

Online blackjack, while simple to play in theory, is filled with strategies that must be understood in order to maximise the return you get while playing. It requires that you be skilled at obtaining and utilizing information you read online and in any blackjack books you read. This is how you increase your skill level and gain a better understanding of the games more complex strategies. There are many websites dedicated to blackjack and each will offer you a variety of articles based on strategy, rules to the games and more.

The best way to start playing blackjack online is to visit register play money accounts at various online casinos and start playing. Take the information you have read and apply it to the free money games. This will not put your bankroll at risk and will allow you to develop as a player online. It also allows you to test the casinos software, get a strong sense of the payout ratios they offer within their blackjack games and then make an educated decision if that casino is best for you or if it is better for you to try different casino software. Online casinos now offer multiple variations of blackjack such and include their own versions. It is imperative for you as a player to read the rules for each version of blackjack you play. Understand the pay tables, minimum wager, maximum wager and anything related to the games based on that software version.

If you do this and then apply a basis blackjack strategy you will quickly learn that online blackjack is not only as good as live blackjack but in fact it is better. You will be able to play multiple hands at a single table – usually this is maxed at 5 hands per game. As you play you will also be able to review your play, see how your performance was overall, develop some charts to show areas you need to improve on and then go and research additional strategy in order to improve on those results.

Once you have done all of this you will be well suited to select a casino and begin playing online blackjack for real money. Remember to always be smart when you play and when on a winning streak be sure to take some of your winnings and save for another day – you play to win, not lose so look after your winnings and do not risk more than you can afford to risk!