How to act when you hit a hand

Blackjack boardWhen you go to hit a hang in blackjack you are letting the dealer know that you want to receive one more card to add to the other two cards you already have in play. This’ll either make you a very happy player or an un-happy player.

Unlike playing a double down in blackjack you get these cards dealt to you freely with no charge and you can keep on hitting for more cards till you past twenty one.

A good majority of players will make the common mistake and hit a hand far too many times. A good strategy should be put into place so that you as a player know the right times when to hit and when not to hit a card. If you do this correctly the odds will be forever in your favor.

Some factors need to be taken accounted for when you plan to hit a card such as what cards do you have at play and the dealers up card.

Some rare moments in the game you don’t have to even think when you’re hitting a hand. If your playing one of the single desk games and you have a 8, 7, 6 or even a 5 than that is the right time to make a hit because you have a much better chance at getting twenty one if you hit with those numbers at play.

If the dealer is holding an ace, 10, 9, 8 or a 7 and you have either a 16, 15, 14, 13 or a 12 than this is the right to time to also make a hit in the game. Don’t be too hasty to make another move but just hit your hand and by doing this you have perfected a near perfect strategy for the game.

If your playing a single deck blackjack game and you have a soft hand dealt to you it only means the soft hand has an ace in the hand. If you have a soft hand we recommend that you hit for another card. The ace in the hand totals 17, 16, 15, 14 or a 13. You should still hit regardless of what the dealer might be holding.

In a large number of blackjack games if you have a dual set of aces and you split them you will not be allowed to hit on this hand. Instead you will be dealt one card and than you shall automatically stand in the game.

The best way to know you are making the correct blackjack moves is if you go out and buy a blackjack strategy book that’ll show you all the right moves to make in any scenario you are faced during the game.

Don’t ever be afraid to make a move in blackjack, if the strategy calls for you to hit or split than do exactly those. Sit and watch as other players in the game make a mistake you will not.