Attendance Record Set At WSOP

The World Series of Poker has been able to break their record for the amount of people who attended the world series of poker. Analysts suggested that eight thousand people who register to be a part of the tournament, those analysts were almost correct with the WSOP bringing in 7,977 players to the famous poker tournament. For those of you who don’t know the World Series of Poker is a poker tournament with a prize pool of $1.5 Million, whoever is on the final table will be win tremendous amounts of money.

World Series of Poker

The prize pool has considerably grown due to the amount of people who are participating in this year’s World Series of Poker. The prize pool currently stands at $10,768,960, the winning of this tournament will win a total of $1.3 Million. This tournament stands as a No Limit Texas Hold’em event that has currently 819 players competing with one another to win this incredible amount of money.

The World Series of Poker has always been able to stand as the most popular poker tournament in the world. The event hasn’t seen a player attendance such as this one since 2006. People from all around the world flock to Las Vegas in order to be a part of this tournament, since online gambling and mobile gambling has been on the rise new individuals who have never been at the WSOP Event before are now registering for the event. This in return has allowed for the player attendance record to be broken.

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Another Big Money Jackpot awarded on Everybody’s Jackpot

Playtech has seen a nice margin of growth over the year and part of that growth is a result of the popular progressive Everybodys Jackpot. When this slot was first released the progressive jackpot was triggered every three months but as more and more people learned about this game the progressive was triggered on a more annual basis. Now this video slot stands as a game that provides two progressive jackpot wins a month if not more.

playtech logo

On Monday, June 2nd a player had the good fortune of winning the progressive jackpot worth $348,179. The punter was only wagering $1.50 a spin when this progressive jackpot was won. Playtech didn’t reveal a large amount of details relating towards this jackpot win but we do know that this player chose to make a short statement regarding his win.

The statement read as follows, “Often I have been curious as to what it would feel like winning a progressive jackpot. Today I can say that I know that feeling, that feeling makes you feel like you are high on life and there’s nothing I could compare it to. I don’t honestly know what I’m going to do with the money, it’s just nice to know that I am now financially safe for the rest of my life.”

You can play Everybody’s Jackpot by registering a player account with any casino that is licensed by Playtech to provide its software.

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The Wish Master Now Live

Each month, there are multiple software developers who reveal a new slot machines or casino game that they’ll be releasing for that month. The majority of those developers fail to impress us as it is the case that those new games tend to feels like the same slot as previously released and only offer us a different skin. One of the developers who continues to release innovative slots on a monthly basis is Net Entertainment, and this week they announced that “The Wish Master” has now gone live across all of the casinos that boast their software.

Net Entertainment Logo

The Wish Master is a new slot released for the month of May. The game is designed around the iconic world of Aladdin, you are put in the position of the Genie while spinning the reels. This proves to be funny as you clearly want your wishes of winning big money to come true. The Wish Master stands as a 5 reel, 20 payline slot that has a variety of features which includes Win Multipliers, Scatter Symbols, Wild Substitutions and Wilds. This results in triggering winning combination on a more regular basis.

Net Entertainment revealed The Wish Master through a statement on their website, stating: “Each month we ask ourselves what do our punters want? What can we do to create a betting gambling experience for each one of our loyal fans. Often we find that the answer is more detailed visuals, extra features and larger winning combinations. So that is exactly what we added to The Wish Master and we believe that it’ll be our most profitable slot yet.”

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Dracula gets Canceled By NBC

NBC announced the shows that they’ve canceled and renewed for 2014/2015 Season. Dracula is one of the shows that have been canceled this year. NBC noted that this television show was somewhat of a dream project for Bob Greenblatt, Chairman for NBC Entertainment. He hoped that the show could bring in a vast audience regardless of the substance abuse problems that the main action, Jonathan Rhys Meyers had through the course of the one season that Dracula ran.

NBC logo

Bob Greenblatt made the announcement through a statement saying, “During the course of the one season that Dracula ran it wasn’t able to bring in a large amount of viewers. It was actually one of our lowest rating shows which is a shame as I hoped that Dracula would be more popular than any of the new shows we brought in for the 2013/2014 Lineup. Jonathan Rhys Meyers did an incredible job while performing as Dracula and owes credit towards his incredible performance.”

It doesn’t come as a shock that NBC had to cancel the show. The majority of those who watched Dracula thought that the acting was poor and rightfully so, the main actor behind Dracula has a substance abuse problem and his shows in his face, acting performance and more. Mr. Greenblatt had to be professional and respect the actor due to union laws. NBC also canceled a series of other shows such as Community and Hannibal. The first season DVD will be released this August with extra behind the scene footage at your local electronics store.

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Net Entertainment Titles Live On Bet365

Net Entertainment, an increasingly popular software developer of casino games announced that they have loaded their full repertoire of casino games onto the Bet365 Casino. This is an achievement for the developers as Bet365 is considered to be one of the most well respected online casinos in the market. Net Entertainment and Bet365 originally made this deal in December of 2013, only unveiling it to the public earlier on this week.

Net Entertainment Logo

There are a variety of well known slots that have been ported over to Bet365. These include Jack Hammer, Gonzo’s Quest, South Park and Aliens. Each one of these games are available on a PC Platform and a Mobile Platform. Regardless of which platform you use the experience you gain is extraordinary.

Bjorn Krantz, the Managing Director of Games at Net Entertainment commented on this announcement, stating: “We are honored and proud to have ported our games over to Bet365. They are one of the few casino operators that has been able to continue to offer an innovative gaming experience with each passing year. They already boast a portfolio of amazing games and with the addition of Net Entertainment, Bet365 will only continue to rise onwards to greater popularity. We can only hope that punters at Bet365 enjoy the experience we’ve designed for them and come back to the casino to play on our software.”

You can now enjoy any of the casino games that Net Entertainment has developed on Bet365. If your new to the casino you will be welcomed with an astonishing welcome bonus.

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Italian Betting Exchange Launched By Betfair

The United Kingdom based gambling firm BetFair, announced today that their Italian Betting Exchange has been launched. They made this announcement after they completed a series of testing sessions with the United Kingdom Gambling Regulator.

The new Italian Betting Exchange has now gone live at and is offering its services alongside the various gambling services offered by Betfair. This marks the first time that a betting exchange has come to Betfairs Casino, Poker Room and Sports Book.

Betfair logo

Breon Corcoran, the CEO behind Betfair made a statement regarding this announcement saying, “We are thrilling to offer the first real regulated betting exchange in Italy. We look forward to taking advantage of this new legal betting exchange through our innovative portfolio of casino games. Punters will now have the ability to deposit legally, withdrawal legally, cash out their bets and add money into a tournament through our betting exchange.”
Miss. Corcoran continued saying, “In order to ensure our punters that our betting exchange is safe we have gone to extraordinary efforts in order to hire the top security firms on the internet. Through these security firms we were able to create a program that backs up our exchange with multiple encryption software’s and firewalls.”

This now means that the regulated and legal online gambling market in Italy is officially open. Italian punters can now experience their new online gambling industry for everything that is has to offer. No longer will punters have to worry about gambling online illegally.

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Mega Fortune Jackpot Details Released

In the beginning of the month an online punter was able to trigger a massive progressive jackpot while playing the Net Entertainment developed slot machine “Mega Fortune”. This online punter was able to trigger a progressive worth €2,455,905 while playing at Betsson Casino.

The details for this jackpot win were released after a Betsson Representative confirmed this jackpot win. When this representative confirmed the jackpot win he noted that the new millionaire was a citizen from Norway. He was able to trigger the jackpot after he claimed a weekly bonus, he was only wagering €1.25 on each spin he made before he won this jackpot.

norway logo

This win helps prove that players don’t need to wager a large amount of money per spin in order to trigger a multi-million progressive jackpot.

The online punter, who wished to remain anonymous to the media commented on his jackpot win saying, “When I saw the jackpot be triggered I was sitting in my sofa, I just sat there in total disbelief that I was able to trigger a jackpot. I have read about multiple winners who have triggered life changing jackpots while playing Mega Fortune but you never believe it will be you. I will save a large portion of the money I have won, the money that I don’t save will go to a new house and a long vacation.”

This is the sixth progressive jackpot to be triggered on Mega Fortune at Betsson Casino. You can be the next big winner by registering an account with the casino today.

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Ladbrokes Offers Playtech Developed Live Dealer Games

The United Kingdom based gambling giant Ladbrokes announced today that they have begun to offer live dealer casino games for their mobile and desktop platforms. These live dealer casino games are being developed by Playtech, allowing for players of Ladbrokes to receive the best live dealer gambling experience on the internet.

These new live dealer games are being made available under the desktop and mobile platforms that Ladbrokes operates. The mobile version of these live dealer casino games have been developed in an HTML5 Format, thus by allowing for the games to be offered on a variety of different devices. These devices include Android phones, Android Tablets, iPhones, iPads, Windows Phones and Windows Tablets.

uk flag

The new casino games have been designed with realistic visuals that give a high quality experience. Players can enjoy the multi-game interface that Playtech has developed, through the multi-game interface you can play up to three different live dealer casino games at once. The games currently available include Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette and more.

The Head of Live Games for Playtech Aviv Nankin commented on the release of their live dealer games on Ladbrokes saying, “Ladbrokes wants to give their players a realistic gambling experience that can’t be matched by any other software developer. That is why they took it upon themselves to contact us and we are honored to be working with them. I am positive that Ladbrokes will have an increase in player activity and positive revenues after the launch of our live dealer casino games onto their gambling platforms.”

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Six Online Betting Sites Blocked By Belgium, 5 More Blocked By Bulgaria

The Belgian Gaming Commission, an online gambling regulator for the country announced that they have blocked six online betting sites making the total amount of black listed websites in Belgium to 86. Elsewhere in Europe the Bulgarian State Commission announced that they have blocked five online betting sites.

This is a result to various European countries trying to regulate online gambling. No longer are countries such as Belgium and Bulgaria allowing for illegal online gambling activity to occur in their countries. Multiple online betting websites have been blacklisted throughout Europe for money laundering, delay of payments and so much more.
The currently newest blocked gambling websites include:,,, AllSports365 (Taking players back to and

New Blacklisted online gambling websites in Bulgaria include:,,, and Each one of the owners for these online casinos have been given a 24 hour notice to cease all of their operations and services for Bulgarian online punters.

We will continue to keep you updated on the future of regulated and legal online gambling within Europe. Various online gambling groups are working hard at this very moment in order to ensure that safe online gambling is occurring throughout Europe.

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Online betting services to be offered in US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands announced that they are ready to offer regulated and legal online betting services to operates and punters alike, this information came from the Attorney General for the US Virgin Islands Vincent Frazer.
Mr. Frazer took the time to speak to the press earlier on this week saying, “The US Virgin Islands are now ready to offer legal and regulated online gambling to punters. The laws have already been put in place which would allow for such an industry to exist within our territory. These new services were about to offer will follow along the lines of Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey. We only hope we can prosper such as they have.”

The Governor for the US Virgin Islands John De Jongh Jr. also voiced his support for the new regulated online gambling industry saying, “This is a massive turning point for the US Virgin Islands and the diversification we’ll have upon the world. Our land based casinos are a marvel that thousands of people come to visit a year, are horse racing tracks are beloved by many and it is now our mission to make online gambling beloved by our citizens. We hope to bring some of the largest online global internet companies to the US Virgin Islands so that we can provide an experience that is unlike anywhere else in the world.”

Such as always,s we will continue to keep you informed on the future of the gaming in the US Virgin Islands.

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