Blackjack To Be Added To Bwin’s Sportsbetting App

It appears that Bwin.Party, one of the more formidable forces in the European Online Gambling Market is planning on updating their sportsbetting application with a brand new twist to surprise punters and get them eager to enjoy the new experiences that they have at hand. Bwin will be updating their sportsbetting app with a series of new casino games including blackjack, on top of that they’ll also be updating their live sports odd. Thus by giving players a better chance to win in the process.

As of right now we know some of the new features that will be coming to this update. The first feature you will notice is that you will be able to swipe between the card game section of this app and the sportsbetting section of this app with your fingertip, this gives players easy access to experience whatever they’d like. The second new feature that will be coming to this application is the “Scoreboard” feature which will allow for punters to see the status of the bets they currently have wagered. Punters who wish to download this application early will already find that the Bwin Sportsbetting App offers real time statics updated on a five minute basis, live video feeds and league tables as well.

We only know of one new game that is coming to the new updated version of Bwin’s Sportsbetting App, that new game is called Slider Blackjack. The other new games will consist of three poker games and two other blackjack games, their names haven’t been revealed as they are to be kept secret until the day of this updates release.

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