Blackjack Players Lost At Sea

Blackjack is one of the more loved table games in the world with many who play it employing strategies that will allow for you to dominate other players. Unfortunately a group of Blackjack players were lost at sea earlier on this week. Ninety Six people were on board a cruise ship in order to play blackjack were ran aground midnight four days ago in Savannah. They hit an unknown coral reef about three miles away from the coast, it was unknown there was any damage for nearly half an hour which put those players in peril. The Savannah Coast Guard immediately responded to the cruise vessel, surely enough this was the first time that this ship had ever set sail on the open sea.

Savannah Coast Guard

Players said that the cruise ship nearly sinking to the abyss was the scariest thing they had ever experienced, it was a fear factor moment that made those who attended this cruise ship realize just how important life really it is. The fact of the matter is that the majority of cruise ships today are technologically advanced, they mine as well be considered a city on the ocean. The Escapade, the name of this now damaged cruise ship is one of the very few that have issues on the sea on a yearly basis. Considering there are dozens upon dozens of cruise ships on the seas every day everyone should feel safe boarding one of these incredible vessels.

Every one of the ninety six passengers were able to survive this fear factor experience without any cuts or bruises of any sort. The question is, was this the luck they will carry with them in future sessions of blackjack?

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