Blackjack Hall of Fame

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The game of blackjack has been held dear to the hearts of many a gambler. In 2002, a hall of fame for the elite players of the game became a reality. Based in San Diego, it began to build slowly but is now a recognized entity that supports the game and those who have been legends within the game.

In order to gain entry, those who gain membership into such an elite organization have a background in card counting. This is one of the skills most who master blackjack possess. One may think it is filled with men but there are a great number of women who are equally skilled and share an interest and love for its challenges but to date have yet to be inducted.


The initial list of inductees included Al Francesco, Peter Griffen, Stanford Wong and Ken Uston. A total of seven were inducted for its opening and this has grown considerably over the years. There comes a number of benefits be such as seeing special events for those players at select casinos. Barona Casino is one that gives all inductees a lifetime comp that includes beverages and food but the real honor comes from having their names and skills recognized. It is pretty safe to say that most would never have thought they would see such a thing happen when that love took hold and they began to build their skills at the blackjack tables.

At this state you will find many articles about blackjack. Websites such as Wikipedia have pages dedicated to the game from instructions to strategy. Other sites such as, offer insightful articles about the game plus have information on where best to play from an online perspective.