Bitcoin Blackjack Now Live is now live and available for punters to enjoy. It was only two weeks ago that it was announced that a Bitcoin online casino would be making its way to punters. This is a surprise as Bitcoins have yet to become a popular form of a currency & it seems that it’ll be hard for this casino to gain the player base of millions which it desires. None the less there is two hundred different casino games available for punters to enjoy at this casino.

BitCasino has been in operation since the beginning of 2014. It isn’t until now that they re-invented themselves as a casino, re-vamped their repertoire of casino games & provided their punters with an array of different casino games. One of those games is blackjack which the 45,000 punters who play at this casino are excited to experience. Players will be able to play a number of different blackjack games, none of them being live. Those wishing to play different casino games will be able to experience an array of new slots & they’ll be able to experience new video poker titles. is hoping greatly that they’ll be able to quadruple their player activity within the next three months due to this update on their casino. This will be hard to do as again, Bitcoins are only a popular online currency and isn’t known by the mass public. We shall keep you updated on how this update effect BitCasino & their player activity.

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