FIFA Crisis Continuing To Have Issues

FIFA is in the media currently but not in the manner their used to. It was revealed weeks ago that millions upon millions of Euro’s & dollars throughout the last seventeen years. That the leaders of the FIFA Federation have been taking money secretly from sponsors, teams and more in order to benefit their own bankrolls. The result has been that more than eight people on the FIFA Council have been taken from their office, fired and scrutinized throughout the media.


This issue has become so bad that FIFA’s largest sponsors have begun saying that their willing to drop out of the next three world cups. Visa, Coca-Cola and many others, sponsors worth $25 Million every world cup have begun making these threats. The president of FIFA was re-elected yesterday as well which has shown the advertisers that these hidden bribes are still taking place or that money is still being stolen from the sponsors.

As of right now the European Union has stated that they’ll be going through all the proper motions in order to find any other money being stolen. The United States Government & Governments all around the world are also looking into this matter as this is a serious worldwide issues which has had millions stolen from countries all around the world. We shall inform you as to what happens with FIFA in the upcoming months, It’ll be interesting to see if this world wide league dies due to the greediness of its council in the next few months.

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Safeguards Placed For PlayOLG’s Blackjack Games

Ontario has officially made their way to the online gambling market with “PlayOLG”, the first licensed and regulated online casino within the province of Ontario. Unfortunately even though this casino is the first of its kind in the province, people can still easily access other online casinos that accept Canadian Players. This means that PlayOLG still has a large portion of competition to fend itself off of. This is why the Canadian Government has placed a number of safeguards within its system to ensure that players will remain at their casino playing that game.

Ontario logo

This cop out will only prevent players from playing with this casino. It won’t make them more willing as these safe guards essentially make the players have to play at that casino without any option of leaving for a certain period of time. The main safe guard that’ll upset people is that they’ll have to set a maximum limit of up to $9,999. Players won’t be able to increase their betting limit at the start of their gambling experience until a week later, they will be able to decrease their betting limit though. Also those who work from home or have an injury and gamble often will be sent to the proper help resources in order to ensure that they don’t have a gambling addiction.

These rules are only going to anger players as they’ve taken the entire experience and have dubbed it down into something that most gamblers won’t enjoy. The first year of this casinos operations will prove to be unprofitable.

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Blackjack To Be Added To Bwin’s Sportsbetting App

It appears that Bwin.Party, one of the more formidable forces in the European Online Gambling Market is planning on updating their sportsbetting application with a brand new twist to surprise punters and get them eager to enjoy the new experiences that they have at hand. Bwin will be updating their sportsbetting app with a series of new casino games including blackjack, on top of that they’ll also be updating their live sports odd. Thus by giving players a better chance to win in the process.

As of right now we know some of the new features that will be coming to this update. The first feature you will notice is that you will be able to swipe between the card game section of this app and the sportsbetting section of this app with your fingertip, this gives players easy access to experience whatever they’d like. The second new feature that will be coming to this application is the “Scoreboard” feature which will allow for punters to see the status of the bets they currently have wagered. Punters who wish to download this application early will already find that the Bwin Sportsbetting App offers real time statics updated on a five minute basis, live video feeds and league tables as well.

We only know of one new game that is coming to the new updated version of Bwin’s Sportsbetting App, that new game is called Slider Blackjack. The other new games will consist of three poker games and two other blackjack games, their names haven’t been revealed as they are to be kept secret until the day of this updates release.

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Bitcoin Blackjack Now Live is now live and available for punters to enjoy. It was only two weeks ago that it was announced that a Bitcoin online casino would be making its way to punters. This is a surprise as Bitcoins have yet to become a popular form of a currency & it seems that it’ll be hard for this casino to gain the player base of millions which it desires. None the less there is two hundred different casino games available for punters to enjoy at this casino.

BitCasino has been in operation since the beginning of 2014. It isn’t until now that they re-invented themselves as a casino, re-vamped their repertoire of casino games & provided their punters with an array of different casino games. One of those games is blackjack which the 45,000 punters who play at this casino are excited to experience. Players will be able to play a number of different blackjack games, none of them being live. Those wishing to play different casino games will be able to experience an array of new slots & they’ll be able to experience new video poker titles. is hoping greatly that they’ll be able to quadruple their player activity within the next three months due to this update on their casino. This will be hard to do as again, Bitcoins are only a popular online currency and isn’t known by the mass public. We shall keep you updated on how this update effect BitCasino & their player activity.

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PlayStudios Releases Blackjack On MyVegas Mobile Application

PlayStudios, a software developer known for offering incredible social gambling experiences announced this week that they’ve released Blackjack onto their mobile gambling application “MyVegas”. This addition of blackjack on this mobile app will be designed in a realistic format while the cards will consist of various cartoon characters. Social connectivity is apparent with Facebook, allowing you to boast all about your experience to your friends.


MyVegas is available under the iOS App Store, Google Play App Store & Amazon App Store. You can also win prizes worth winning through this mobile app such as a night in the MGM Las Vegas Casino or Electronic Prizes. In Nevada mobile gambling apps can’t offer real money gambling experiences. MyVegas offers players the chance to buy special coins which in return allow for punters to win these prizes which can be sold for cash money.

Blackjack stands as one of the most popular games in gambling and has been highly requested by MyVegas Punters. It’s nice to see that PlayStudios listens to what their players want and gives it to them. Entertainment wise this blackjack game is supposed to be one of the best mobile blackjack games ever designed and its supported by the MGM Grand Casino.

Those who want to play this game will be required to download the MyVegas Application and live within the state of Nevada. You can then choose to purchase the special coins if you wish to try your luck at winning one of the multiple prizes PlayStudios offers through this mobile app.

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Ben Afflek Plays At MotorCity Casino

Ben Afflek, the man playing Batman in the upcoming BatmanVsSuperman film was recently spotted at the MotorCity Casino in Detroit last weekend. This came as a shock to many as Ben Afflek was banned from a number of different Las Vegas Casinos due to counting cards in Blackjack.

This means that the casino is purposely allowing for Mr. Afflek to gamble at their casino and count cards, this doesn’t mean that the casino is losing a profit though. Ben Afflek is a well known Hollywood Star and him playing at that casino brings free publicity to MotorCity Casino. Mr. Afflek is also said to make large bets and sometimes doesn’t always wins on his wager. One of the better places to find out information about where you can bet online is


Ben Afflek was banned from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino earlier on this year. Mr. Afflek said that he believes if you’re going to offer a game in which people could get good in, doesn’t it seem wrong to ban them for being good at that game? Apparently Ben’s wife Jennifer Garner doesn’t have a problem with Ben counting cards either as she believes the same thing. Just because Ben can’t gamble at a number of different Las Vegas Casinos doesn’t mean he can’t play in other areas in the country. I’m sure these casinos love the free publicity he brings.

You can see Ben Afflek in any number of his famous movies or you can watch him in his upcoming film “Batman Vs Superman”, it’s sure to be a massive blockbuster.

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Quickspin Games Loaded Onto Full Tilt

Full Tilt Poker which is soon to become Full Tilt Gaming has begun it’s re-branding stage. This poker room is being changed over to an online casino as the previous owners of this beloved poker room no longer operate it. The Rational Group previously owned Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars before it was sold to Amaya Gaming for $5.1 Billion. When the buyout of these two poker rooms was announced, Amaya Gaming revealed that they would be re-branding Full Tilt Poker to Full Tilt Gaming. The re-branding would involve adding a series of new slots to it’s repertoire of casino games.


It seems that the re-branding stage of Full Tilt has begun as Amaya Gaming announced that they’ve made a content deal with Quickspin, the sub branch of Microgaming. This deal will allow for some of the best slot machines known to the market to be loaded onto Full Tilt. This also could potentially mean a content deal with Microgaming in the upcoming future, if that is the case it’ll allow for Full Tilt to grow back to the massive property it once was which is Amaya Gaming’s goal.

Quickspin Gaming will be following the transition alongside two other developers who have also been revealed to be coming to Full Tilt. Net Entertainment, Leander Games & Quickspin Gaming are all considered to be top quality developers in the online gambling market. Having them all together as one on Full Tilt Gaming will allow for the poker room soon to be casino to become one of the most popular properties in the industry.

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NYX Gaming Signs With Spins Games

The NYX Gaming Group announced through their subsidiary developer NYX Interactive that they’ve signed an agreement with Spin Games LLC. This agreement will allow for NYX Interactive to distribute the Spin Games platform to various online casinos located in a regulated market. NYX owns the OGS Platform which has distributed various other platforms throughout the years. Due to its immense popularity of the OGS Platform, whichever developer signs an agreement with NYX instantly becomes more popular in the online gambling market.


This agreement will provide players who are loyal to the OGS Gambling Platform with a series of different casino games developed by Spin Games LLC. Those games include online poker, Keno, Bingo and a large variety of different casino games. This will only add to the immense amount of casino games already available on the OGS Platform. It should be noted that the OGS Gambling Platform isn’t only available for Desktop based punters but it is also available for mobile punters as well. Essentially you could be on the train to work, take out your mobile device and then begin playing one of your favorite casino games. This is just one of the many benefits you gain when you start playing the OGS Gambling Platform.

“We are excited to be working with the team at Spin. Their regulatory focus and innovative design capabilities makes them an ideal partner for NYX” said Matt Davey, CEO of NYX Gaming Group.

“Through NYX’s OGS platform we will have access to blue chip operators enabling us to continue to grow our market share” said Kent Young of Spin Games.

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Eastern Pennsylvania Casinos Ranking In Cash

Pennsylvania is a well known state within America. They are known for their beautiful landscapes and polite attitudes towards tourists. One of the other things they are known for is their land based gambling industry. Pennsylvania officials revealed that Eastern Pennsylvania based casinos have been earning large amounts of money through their blackjack tables. It was reported that Pennsylvania has been able to earn $731.8 Million this year alone and with the year far from over it is expected that number may double by years end.

pennsylvania state seal

This proves that Pennsylvania can stand as a serious competitor for land based gambling. Their sister states haven’t been able to earn nearly the same amount that they have been able to. Casinos such as Mount Airy Casino, Mohegan Sun and others allowed for Pennsylvania to be one of the highest growing states for land based casinos. Mount Airy Casino earned $42 Million this month alone while Mohegan Sun earned $44 Million this month. The amount that these casinos earn increases with each passing month as well.

Pennsylvania is quickly becoming known as a great land based gambling destination and has seen profits rise with each passing month. Pennsylvania Officials has openly said that they want to create their own Atlantic City or Las Vegas within Pennsylvania. This would allow for the state to bring in a great amount of tourist activity, essentially creating a brand new industry for the state.

We shall inform you on any updates regarding Pennsylvania’s future gambling city.

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Blackjack Players Lost At Sea

Blackjack is one of the more loved table games in the world with many who play it employing strategies that will allow for you to dominate other players. Unfortunately a group of Blackjack players were lost at sea earlier on this week. Ninety Six people were on board a cruise ship in order to play blackjack were ran aground midnight four days ago in Savannah. They hit an unknown coral reef about three miles away from the coast, it was unknown there was any damage for nearly half an hour which put those players in peril. The Savannah Coast Guard immediately responded to the cruise vessel, surely enough this was the first time that this ship had ever set sail on the open sea.

Savannah Coast Guard

Players said that the cruise ship nearly sinking to the abyss was the scariest thing they had ever experienced, it was a fear factor moment that made those who attended this cruise ship realize just how important life really it is. The fact of the matter is that the majority of cruise ships today are technologically advanced, they mine as well be considered a city on the ocean. The Escapade, the name of this now damaged cruise ship is one of the very few that have issues on the sea on a yearly basis. Considering there are dozens upon dozens of cruise ships on the seas every day everyone should feel safe boarding one of these incredible vessels.

Every one of the ninety six passengers were able to survive this fear factor experience without any cuts or bruises of any sort. The question is, was this the luck they will carry with them in future sessions of blackjack?

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