Attendance Record Set At WSOP

The World Series of Poker has been able to break their record for the amount of people who attended the world series of poker. Analysts suggested that eight thousand people who register to be a part of the tournament, those analysts were almost correct with the WSOP bringing in 7,977 players to the famous poker tournament. For those of you who don’t know the World Series of Poker is a poker tournament with a prize pool of $1.5 Million, whoever is on the final table will be win tremendous amounts of money.

World Series of Poker

The prize pool has considerably grown due to the amount of people who are participating in this year’s World Series of Poker. The prize pool currently stands at $10,768,960, the winning of this tournament will win a total of $1.3 Million. This tournament stands as a No Limit Texas Hold’em event that has currently 819 players competing with one another to win this incredible amount of money.

The World Series of Poker has always been able to stand as the most popular poker tournament in the world. The event hasn’t seen a player attendance such as this one since 2006. People from all around the world flock to Las Vegas in order to be a part of this tournament, since online gambling and mobile gambling has been on the rise new individuals who have never been at the WSOP Event before are now registering for the event. This in return has allowed for the player attendance record to be broken.

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