FIFA Crisis Continuing To Have Issues

FIFA is in the media currently but not in the manner their used to. It was revealed weeks ago that millions upon millions of Euro’s & dollars throughout the last seventeen years. That the leaders of the FIFA Federation have been taking money secretly from sponsors, teams and more in order to benefit their own bankrolls. The result has been that more than eight people on the FIFA Council have been taken from their office, fired and scrutinized throughout the media.


This issue has become so bad that FIFA’s largest sponsors have begun saying that their willing to drop out of the next three world cups. Visa, Coca-Cola and many others, sponsors worth $25 Million every world cup have begun making these threats. The president of FIFA was re-elected yesterday as well which has shown the advertisers that these hidden bribes are still taking place or that money is still being stolen from the sponsors.

As of right now the European Union has stated that they’ll be going through all the proper motions in order to find any other money being stolen. The United States Government & Governments all around the world are also looking into this matter as this is a serious worldwide issues which has had millions stolen from countries all around the world. We shall inform you as to what happens with FIFA in the upcoming months, It’ll be interesting to see if this world wide league dies due to the greediness of its council in the next few months.

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