Safeguards Placed For PlayOLG’s Blackjack Games

Ontario has officially made their way to the online gambling market with “PlayOLG”, the first licensed and regulated online casino within the province of Ontario. Unfortunately even though this casino is the first of its kind in the province, people can still easily access other online casinos that accept Canadian Players. This means that PlayOLG still has a large portion of competition to fend itself off of. This is why the Canadian Government has placed a number of safeguards within its system to ensure that players will remain at their casino playing that game.

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This cop out will only prevent players from playing with this casino. It won’t make them more willing as these safe guards essentially make the players have to play at that casino without any option of leaving for a certain period of time. The main safe guard that’ll upset people is that they’ll have to set a maximum limit of up to $9,999. Players won’t be able to increase their betting limit at the start of their gambling experience until a week later, they will be able to decrease their betting limit though. Also those who work from home or have an injury and gamble often will be sent to the proper help resources in order to ensure that they don’t have a gambling addiction.

These rules are only going to anger players as they’ve taken the entire experience and have dubbed it down into something that most gamblers won’t enjoy. The first year of this casinos operations will prove to be unprofitable.

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