The Wish Master Now Live

Each month, there are multiple software developers who reveal a new slot machines or casino game that they’ll be releasing for that month. The majority of those developers fail to impress us as it is the case that those new games tend to feels like the same slot as previously released and only offer us a different skin. One of the developers who continues to release innovative slots on a monthly basis is Net Entertainment, and this week they announced that “The Wish Master” has now gone live across all of the casinos that boast their software.

Net Entertainment Logo

The Wish Master is a new slot released for the month of May. The game is designed around the iconic world of Aladdin, you are put in the position of the Genie while spinning the reels. This proves to be funny as you clearly want your wishes of winning big money to come true. The Wish Master stands as a 5 reel, 20 payline slot that has a variety of features which includes Win Multipliers, Scatter Symbols, Wild Substitutions and Wilds. This results in triggering winning combination on a more regular basis.

Net Entertainment revealed The Wish Master through a statement on their website, stating: “Each month we ask ourselves what do our punters want? What can we do to create a betting gambling experience for each one of our loyal fans. Often we find that the answer is more detailed visuals, extra features and larger winning combinations. So that is exactly what we added to The Wish Master and we believe that it’ll be our most profitable slot yet.”

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Dracula gets Canceled By NBC

NBC announced the shows that they’ve canceled and renewed for 2014/2015 Season. Dracula is one of the shows that have been canceled this year. NBC noted that this television show was somewhat of a dream project for Bob Greenblatt, Chairman for NBC Entertainment. He hoped that the show could bring in a vast audience regardless of the substance abuse problems that the main action, Jonathan Rhys Meyers had through the course of the one season that Dracula ran.

NBC logo

Bob Greenblatt made the announcement through a statement saying, “During the course of the one season that Dracula ran it wasn’t able to bring in a large amount of viewers. It was actually one of our lowest rating shows which is a shame as I hoped that Dracula would be more popular than any of the new shows we brought in for the 2013/2014 Lineup. Jonathan Rhys Meyers did an incredible job while performing as Dracula and owes credit towards his incredible performance.”

It doesn’t come as a shock that NBC had to cancel the show. The majority of those who watched Dracula thought that the acting was poor and rightfully so, the main actor behind Dracula has a substance abuse problem and his shows in his face, acting performance and more. Mr. Greenblatt had to be professional and respect the actor due to union laws. NBC also canceled a series of other shows such as Community and Hannibal. The first season DVD will be released this August with extra behind the scene footage at your local electronics store.

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