IGT’s Mega Jackpot Progressive Triggered, $2,719,166 Won

IGT is one of the leading software developers in the online gambling market and to this day they continue to offer various casino games that allow for out of this world gambling experiences. Players at IGT can enjoy various casino games such as progressive slots, video poker and many more. Regardless of what kind of IGT based casino game you choose to play your experience will be driven by adrenaline and big wins.

One lucky online punter was able to trigger one of the largest progressive jackpots available under the IGT Software. The Mega Jackpots Progressive is available on a variety of different slots. This allows for the progressive to boost up to incredible amounts in a short period of time. This lucky player was able to trigger the progressive, winning $2,719,166.

This jackpot win occurred yesterday on January 14th, 2014 meaning that the details on the win are still scarce. The jackpot that was triggered does show that this is a small amount compared to other large IGT Mega Jackpot Progressive being won. One of the largest jackpots to be triggered through this progressive is $3,335,869. This isn’t to say that the jackpot that was won earlier on this week still isn’t a considerable amount of money.

We congratulate this lucky player on his big jackpot win. We hope that with this money the online punter does good with his life and with the world. Anyone looking to experience the IGT Mega Progressive Jackpot can do so at any online casino that offers the IGT Software.

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Calvin Ayre Makes Claims Towards Bodog

Calvin Ayre, the founder of Bodog is claiming that a former executive that worked for him signed a false affidavit that eventually led the a gambling raid of Bodog’s Manilla Customer Support Center.

Calvin Ayre, who now stands as one of America’s Most Wander claimed that Jan Robert Gustafson signed an affidavit that there was illegal gambling operation in the Manilla center. This eventually led to a raid that was signed by information that was completely false. This ended up the seizure of multiple computers but no charges as of yet.

Calvin Ayre also informed people from his website that he knows Gustafsson has received death threats due to his actions by employees of the Manilla support center. He also noted that Gustafsson is weak in going into hiding, ignoring the truth that he purposely signed the affidavit knowing that there was no illegal gambling operations of any kind in the Manilla center.

Mr. Ayre also noted that certain Asian jurisdictions are safer to harbor the companies assets and will begin to move his companies assets towards those jurisdictions where the USA nor anyone else can touch his business. He said that he has been given multiple reassurances that his company, future employees and money will be safe in the Asian Jurisdictions.

Calvin Ayre and his website gave no information onto which Asian jurisdiction they’ll be moving to. Clearly Mr. Ayre doesn’t trust anyone in his company now and is on edge. We can only hope that Calvin Ayre one day repents for his actions but doesn’t go to jail.

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Online Gambling Ring Broken Up By Taiwanese CIB

The Criminal Investigation Bureau in Taiwan announced that they had been working with the Chinese Law Enforcement in order to shut down an online gambling ring that had been working from an island based in Taiwan. It has been suspected that millions of dollars in American Money has been collected through the gambling ring. The leaders of the gambling ring used a unique method in order to allow their players to deposit money and withdrawal it, allowing for them to operate under the radar for a long period of time.

A Spokesman from the CIB made the announcement of the online gambling ring raid saying, “This gambling ring had a unique method of operating. They were selling gambling chips and points that could then be exchanged through various other websites for cash money. They reportedly offered hundreds of different games such as slots, video poker, table games, card games and scratch cards. Certain convenience stores throughout Taiwan were a part of the gambling ring and would cash in the winnings for players. This allowed for the gambling ring to operate in secret, keep under the radar and still make massive amounts of money at the same time.”

The gambling ring apparently used servers cased outside of Canada and their customer support services were based out of China. The gambling ring used multiple locations throughout the world in order to keep their identity hidden. The CIB and the Chinese Information Security Bureau worked alongside one another in order to bring down the illegal gambling ring. Four people have been arrested and evidence has been taken into custody.

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Atlantic Club Casino Purchased By Creasers And Tropicana, Will Be Shut Down

Atlantic Club Casino has been purchased by two land based competing casinos and their doors will officially shut down on the 31st of January. This marks the final end for the casino which has been long coming, it was thought that earlier on this year PokerStars would gain the rights to the casino. Atlantic Club Casino denied their offer which lead to the purchase of the casino from the competing land based casinos.

Tropicana and Caesars were the Atlantic land based casinos that purchased “Atlantic Club Casino”, all together Atlantic Club Casino was purchased for the total amount of $23.4 Million. As soon as the deal is all set and done the doors for “Atlantic Club Casino” will shut down, bringing down the number of land based casinos in Atlantic City to eleven. Caesars is the one who will gain all of Atlantic Club Casinos property, it is speculated that they will just tear down the casino and build something in its place. Caesars purchased the land for $15 Million while Tropicana purchased all of the table games/slots for $8.4 Million.

When more updates are released about the future of “Atlantic Club Casinos” property and what Caesars will do with the property. We suspect a new resort will take the place of the now shut down land based casino.

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