Revenue jumps 7.5% in the state of Nevada

The last couple of months hasn’t been the greatest for the world’s largest gambling destination Las Vegas. The month of September has an increased revenue due to the big baccarat play tournament and boxing tournament, this brought more people to the Las Vegas strip which in return means more gambling.

It is no secret that the land based gambling industry has been struggling for awhile due to online gambling. Tournaments and Las Vegas shows brings more people to the Las Vegas Strip which means that more people will eventually enter the casinos. This allowed for the Las Vegas Strip to gain an extra $561 million dollars in revenue. Downtown Las Vegas had a decrease in revenue, going down 2% from last year.

Reno which is the second largest gambling destination in the USA also had a decrease in revenue this month. They went down 2.3% from last year which is $48 Million dollars they have lost in profit. In terms of what games brought an increase in Revenue for Nevada is was table games. Players flocked to the poker tables, blackjack tables, roulette tables, baccarat tables and more to get their gambling fix.

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Politicians in Bulgaria Seek To Amend Online Gambling Laws

Bulgarian Politicians are seeking to amend the current online gambling laws in their nation. As it stands right now online gambling is starting to become illegal in a series of different European countries. This is due to massive accounts of money laundering and other illegal gambling activities. The result is citizens losing their winnings, money and having their information put at risk.

The move to amend the online gambling laws now have eleven different politicians giving their sponsorship to the move and it looks like this new bill is promising. If this bill is put in place all Operators in Bulgaria will have to pay 15% regular tax and 20% tax on every single player who lands on a win.

This change would allow for Bulgaria to follow the rest of Europe in their actions to abolish online gambling. This is not to say that in a couple of years online gambling won’t become regulated, safe and secure all across Europe. That very thing is happening in the United States of America.

Additionally Politicians want to have the Bulgaria Gambling Commission block all unlicensed gambling websites in their country. Unlicensed gambling websites pose a major threat to fraud, money laundering, information being stolen and so much more. As Bulgaria continues to move into the direction of safe online gambling we will keep you updated.

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