Online Betting Increases Tabcorp Holding Profit

Australian gambling corporation Tabcorp Holdings just announced their latest financial profits for the ending quarter of September. The profit that Tabcorp made this quarter due to online gambling has increased by some major percentages.
These are the main increase in percentage for the September 30th, 2012 Quarter:

The total revenue for this quarter went up 3.9 Australian Dollars. That is a 3.1 Increase since last year’s overall quarter for the 2012. Last year’s overall profits were only $488.9 Million Australian Dollars. The profit for the racing and sporting betting for Tabcorp Holding increased by thirty percent. This is a major increase in their fixed odds gambling.

The TAB Outlet revenue increased at 5.5% which resulted in a $385 Million dollar extra profit for Tabcorp Holdings.
The digital turnover wagering section of Tabcorp Holdings had a 14% increased profit this year. This resulted in an extra $656.2 Million Australian dollars for Tabcorp. The company’s revenue for its online gambling operation Luxbet grew 37% this year.
This means more profit down the road for Tabcorp Holdings.
The CEO of Tabcorp Holdings commented on this company’s performance in this quarter. He went on to say, “This first quarter’s growth demonstrates how persistent Tabcorp Holdings is to increase its profit and better our customers”

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Bwin sponsoring the Belgian basketball team BC Oostende

Internet gambling giant, Bwin Party Digital Entertainment, just released today that they have signed a three year sponsoring agreement with the Belgian Basketball team BC Oostende.

This new deal will allow for Bwin to take full advantage of the stadium’s advertising boards, TV’s and more. The internet betting website will also have a larger website presence of the team’s social media website. This new deal will also allow for Bwin to put the Basketball team’s logo in some of their games and applications. This deal will result in more profit for Bwin and it will bring new fans to BC Oostende.

During a press conference last week the Bwin Belgian Manager came out and spoke about this new sponsoring agreement with BC Oostende. He went on to say that this deal will help create a better image for Bwin within Belgian. This deal will also allow for fans of BC Oostende to receive an exclusive deal when they come to our website.

Bwin allows for a variety of different games for their players to play. You can access sports betting games, video poker game, Bingo, Casino and other games as well. The experience you have while playing at Bwin will be like none other you have had before. As a fan of BC Oostende the exclusive deals you have available to you will allow for you to gain that extra lead in your favorite casino game.

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New mobile slot from Alchemy Bet – Viper Active

The popular website Alchemy Bet has just announced the fact that they are launching a brand new mobile video slot game. It’s called “Viper Active” and it’s going to be an infectious mobile slot game where you have available 5 reel and 20 pay line. The game is all packed with a lot of features that will help you have a fun time and also win some really nice prizes.

This mobile video slot game is able to stand out of the crowd thanks to the fact that they are featuring a progressive play mode which is different than the usual session based games. This means that every time you will play it you get to progress into the game and reach out for new levels that are paying a lot better and even if you log out and log in to the game some other time, you can still resume the game and you won’t have to start from the beginning. This new concept is able to make the slot games a lot more profitable for the players and also a lot more interesting.

Even if at first sight the Viper Active is only a mobile slot game you can still find the full features that can be found normally at an online casino. This includes the Pick n Win bonus board and there is also a bonus round called Snakes and Ladders.

The Viper Active is currently released via the Pocket Fruity brand, which develops the video slots mobile games and you can play it for real money.

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New Casino from Intertops

The famous online gambling website Intertops has just announced to release a new online casino. This website is based in Antigua and it also offers an online poker room and sportsbook.

The new online casino that can be found at Intertops is powered by WGS Technology and it is able to bring more than 400 different online casino games. One of the things that manages to make this new casino unique is the fact that there will be daily and weekly slots and blackjack tournaments available. This is a gambling company that has been around for more than 30 years and they should have the enough experience that allows them to offer an online gambling experience that is close to perfection.

The new online casino is now online and it allows players to join and start playing real money games. They are offering some great incentives to get started with the casino. Promotions have always been big on the agenda at Intertops and today is no different. Register today and get started playing with WGS Technology.

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