Atlantic City has another poor month in July

New Jersey’s Atlantic City has watched another decline in overall revenue over the month of July. The recent announcement stated a reduction of business in the amount of 3.59%. This saw revenues drop to $296.9 million.

The recent report highlighted showed that revenue from slots machines was $215.4 million and $81.6 million from card games. The report further identified casino revenue individually. The Tropicana Casino saw revenues of $20.5 million and an overall reduction of 25%. The two Trump casinos combined brought in $34 million. This was a reduction of 35% when combining the two casinos together.

The Showboat watched revenue reduce to $18.5 million, Bally’s revenue was $24 million and Harrah’s $34 million. Each of these saw average reductions in revenue of 20%. Caesars also was on the declining side of revenue with it having a reduction of almost 5% as did Atlantic Club Casino. Golden Nugget saw the lowest reduction with that being only 1.5%. The strongest performing casino was the Revel Casino who saw its revenue increase by 32.9% to $23.3 million.

Overall Atlantic City has had continual lower performance than in previous years. The hope is that as the summer months come to a close that traffic for the casinos will again increase and with it an increase in revenue.

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