PKR Poker releases Mobile App

PKR, a 3D internet poker site, have now released a roulette app for their mobile casino that allows players to spin a virtual wheel with their avatars. This game can be found at the Apple Store in the U.K. It follows recent releases of poker and blackjack apps for real money by PKR Poker.

This latest app features the ability to play as many as three wheels at a time, players can chose and create own avatars, roulette lessons, information about odds and a game history. It allows players to play roulette and gain skills, improve on their skills and so much more.

The spokesperson for PKR Poker stated “Those who play at PKR are very much gamers and we understand that they like to have the opportunity to change things up. As we know over these additional mobile apps they have the choices they are looking for when they want a break playing poker”

They continued “The developers on our staff have done a fabulous job adding these games to our mobile product and it allows us to offer real money games for those apps. You are able to simply use your smartphone and play the games you want to play.”

The roulette app is live and can be played whenever you are ready. You can find additional information about poker and slots at


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