Illinois Senator wants all forms of online gambling added

Illinois State Senator President has chosen to make yet another attempt to have online gambling legalized in Illinois. This new initiative will include all types of online gambling and not just allow for the current legalization for those to offer online gambling if they operate a casino within the state.

Cullerton has tried to have this passed before without success. The new bill would require licensees to pay a $20,000,000 licensing fee and includes a taxation of 7.5% to 20%. The bill further has provisions to prevent underage gambling with the minimum age being set at 21. Should this new bill get passed it would fall to the states gambling division to oversee it with a new division being created called the Division of Internet Gambling.

It is believed many within the state support this type of bill and there is strong interest from many who would be willing to pay the license fees required. Us players are strong supporters of online gambling and the potential revenue for the state would be a welcome addition to state coffers.

We will watch this story as it develops with interest. It is hopeful that this time it will pass.

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More gambling news out of Washington

Peter King, a republican state representative in Washington is planning on introducing a new bill that will see online poker become legal federally. Rep King is a big supporter of online gambling and is one of the latest to attempt to get the legalization of online gambling passed federally.

There have been a number of other senators who have attempted the same type of legislation with little success. Those include Texas Representative Joe Barton and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Reid has made two attempts and both have failed. For some reason it seems many others are not overly interested in discussing the issue but it is hopeful that this time it will generate more interest due to the increased number of states who are or have legalizes online betting within their state.

There have been no exact details on how the bill reads or how it will address concerns relating to taxes or underage gambling. It is suspected that it will contain clauses relating to the individual states enacting their own laws however.

This story will develop over the coming weeks ahead.

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