Texas temporarily to allow online poker


The state of Texas has just introduced a constitution that may allow online poker in the state of Texas but that is conditional on federal legislators passing  a federal bill that will legalizing the act. It was State Senator Leticia Van de Putte who has placed Texas in a position to opt out if federal legislation regarding online poker is passed at a federal level.

In the event that federal legislation fails to be approved then the amendment will provide permission for Texas to open and operate state run poker rooms, which would then be governed by the state lottery commission. This will be included within the states elections in 2013 and if voted into law it will place Texas as the first state to automatically be included in any federal legislation.

This will be a closely watched vote in November.

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PokerStars to update software


PokerStarsPokerStars Logo, the largest online poker room in the world, just announced that it begin an update of its software in the future. This will include the lobby of the poker room and its structure for tournaments. The update will have players enjoying a new modern lobby and will provide a wide range of information pertaining to the tables, the chips that are on the tables, the number of seats that are currently available and notes people have about other players.

The Tournaments schedule is also set to be completely overhauled including how tables are grouped and a new modern layout for the bounty games and Zoom tourneys. A one click system will be added that will allow players to be placed on a table that is best suited for their needs and skill levels.

Once the update has been completed players will have to install the latest update the next time they  open the software.

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