Black Jack odds is your number one introduction on the game of Black Jack and the odds involved in a black jack game, how Black Jack works and how to play it. You’ll find Black Jack guides and articles to get you started.

Simple rules, quick access
Black Jack is a versatile game that has attracted millions of players to the tables over the years, since its grand introduction only a few hundred years ago. That’s because Black Jack has one important thing that is very attractive to any casino visitor, Black Jack has a few very simple rules and it doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to learn. Black Jack also has an incredible depth thanks to the mathematics and odds involved which means players can use or create strategies to get a better chance at winning.

Wide betting range and you always know what you will win
With most online casinos you are offered a wide range of betting levels and table settings when you’re looking for a Black Jack table. This means you can play hands with bets as low as $0.10 or as high as thousands of dollars per hand and decide if you want to play one or multiple hands per round. Black Jack has a simple payout structure where a Black Jack awards you 3:2 and a regular win awards you 1:1, so you always know what you will win with what you bet.

Is Black Jack a game of luck or skill?
A question many people ask is if they can use their skill to win at Black Jack and the answer is yes, you can. Even if the hand you are dealt is based on random luck, you can still use strategy or skill to calculate which cards are more likely to show up and what the odds tell you to do. Although your odds of profit only increase slightly, you can actually shift them to favor you over the house. This is called card counting and there are many systems of card counting designed for different games of Black Jack. Keep in mind that casinos both online and live, don’t allow card counting and will throw out any card counter caught. However it’s not illegal to card count, but since casinos lose money from card counters they’ve decided to throw them out, so our suggestion if you’re planning on counting cards is – hide it well.

Should I play Black Jack online or live?
Every good casino in the world offers Black Jack tables in a wide range of bets and the atmosphere while in a casino is amazing and exciting. It’s not just a matter of winning or losing on Black Jack anymore, now it becomes more about the experience. The downside to playing Black Jack live is that there may be lines to the tables, you might have to tip the dealer, there are more distractions and the bets will probably not have as much variety from low to high that they do at an online casino.

When you play at an online casino you have access to Black Jack as long as you have access to the internet, you can play from your bed, your couch, your kitchen table or on your way to work and why not during your break at work? Since online casinos don’t require actual physical space for their tables or a dealer since they are all automated, they can have a much wider variety of bets and game types. Online you can play solo or with other players, you decide for yourself how you want to play Black Jack and there are even “Live Tables” of Black Jack online.